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Gooruf Terms of Service

  • purpose

    • Gooruf is a web-based platform aiming at fostering the dissemination of information concerning the entities active in the bank, insurance and finance sectors as well as user’s awareness of such economical fields.

    • Gooruf’s purpose is solely informational and promotional. Therefore, it is expressly forbidden to use Gooruf for any other purposes such as, as a way of mere example, close any possible kind of agreement, including those relating to bank, insurance and finance products.

    • Gooruf is owned by Gooruf LTD, with registered address at CityPoint - 11th Floor - 1 Ropemaker street EC2Y 9HT London (UK), company specialized in the creation of news in the finance and fintech sectors.

  • definitions

    • The following terms have the meaning below expressed, being understood that the terms defined as plural include the singular and vice-versa:


      means the software owned by Gooruf LTD that gives search results according to the keywords typed by the User or the Member in the relevant internal search field available on Gooruf;


      means images, pictures, videos, music files, texts, drawings, trademarks, tradenames, logos, models, other information, hypertext and anything else divulged to the User through Gooruf;

      Intellectual Property Rights

      means Gooruf, the Algorithm, patents, utility models, designs and models, copyright, trademarks, service marks, rights over the topography of semiconductors, databases, confidential information, including know-how and commercial and industrial secrets, moral rights or other similar rights in any Country and, regardless the actual filing, the possible requests for registration of any of the preceding rights and all of the rights regarding the filing of the requests for registration of one of the preceding rights which are property of, licensed to or in any case legitimately utilised by, Gooruf LTD;


      means the web-based platform with informative and advertising purposes owned by Gooruf LTD specialised in the financial services field and accessible, in particular, at the Internet address www.gooruf.com;

      Gooruf LTD

      means Gooruf LTD, English company, subject to the direction and control of Blue Financial Communication S.p.A., with registered address at CityPoint - 11th Floor - 1 Ropemaker street EC2Y 9HT London (UK);


      means a registered User on Gooruf;


      means a commercial subject active in the bank, insurance or financial sectors host on Gooruf through a dedicated virtual space;

      Search System

      means the Gooruf internal search engine that gives results to the User on the basis of the Algorithm;

      Terms of Service

      means the present Gooruf terms of service;


      means any person who visits or use Gooruf and expressly includes both Member and Company.

  • acceptance of the terms of service and amendments

    • The User acknowledges that registration on, access to or use of Gooruf represents the execution of a binding legal agreement with Gooruf LTD regulated by the Terms of Service which expressly accepts.

    • The User acknowledges that Gooruf LTD may amend the Terms of Service, for example due to compliance with new laws. Therefore, the User is required to regularly check the Terms of Service. Such amendments will not have a retroactive effect and will enter into force at least fourteen days after the publication date.

    • The Terms of Service regulate the relationship between Gooruf LTD and the User and do not create rights in favor of third parties.

  • services

    • The User may access any Content on Gooruf and any page of the Companies, as well as use the Search System.

    • The Member may, in addition, use the further functions available on Gooruf such as newsletter service, interaction with the authorized Companies and participation to the discussion forum.

  • paid services

    • Gooruf offers further services available under payment.

    • Such services are regulated in separate agreements which regulate also the price calculation and the payment methods.

  • intellectual property

    • Gooruf LTD is not the owner of the Content published by the User on Gooruf.

    • The User grants Gooruf LTD with a free, non-exclusive, transferable, assignable, open-ended and global license for all of the Content published on Gooruf so that Gooruf LTD can use, store, copy, modify, create derivative works (such as translations, adaptations or other amendments), publish, perform in public and distribute the Content. Such a license is valid even if the Terms of Services are terminated. The User declares to possess the rights necessary to legitimately grant Gooruf LTD with the present license on the Content.

    • The User acknowledges that Content published on Gooruf are public and accessible to any User.

    • Access to Gooruf does not imply any assignment or licence from Gooruf LTD to User over the Intellectual Property Rights.

    • All of the trademarks and logos published on Gooruf belong to their legitimate owners. Such trademarks and logos are mentioned on Gooruf for informational purposes only. Gooruf LTD does not own any rights on such trademarks and logos, except its own.

  • privacy policy

  • user’s obligations and liabilities

    • The User undertakes not to use Gooruf in an improper manner.

    • As a way of examples, it is forbidden to use Gooruf in a way or for purposes not allowed by the law, to close any possible kind of agreement, to spread IT viruses, to perform activities that may compromise Gooruf’s security, to access Gooruf by using automatic tools (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers), to denigrate, threaten or annoy other Users.

    • The User undertakes to supply true identity details.

  • liabilities on contents

    • The User is the only person liable for the truthfulness, legitimacy, accuracy and rightfulness of the use of the Content that the User publishes on Gooruf, as well as of the materials and information sent through Gooruf.

    • The User undertakes to keep Gooruf LTD harmless and indemnified against any liabilities, actions, requests, including those for damages, expenses and costs that any third party may arise with reference to the Content published by the User on Gooruf, with no prejudice to the liability for damages caused to Gooruf LTD.

    • Gooruf LTD, as well as all of its suppliers of information, comments, quotations and editorial content, decline any responsibilities on the reliability and precision of the Contents, advertising, information and data in any way divulged, including hyperlinks, downloaded files and communications via emails.

    • Gooruf LTD declines any responsibilities on the quality and precision of the Contents published by the User through Gooruf. As a consequence, the User accepts to use the Contents at its own risk and danger.

    • The User acknowledges that:

      • (a) Gooruf LTD does not operate any control over the Content posted by the User on Gooruf, including those published in the "Community" section;

      • (b) Gooruf LTD is not responsible for the Content posted on Gooruf, or sent to the User via Gooruf, by the User which are the ones solely responsible for all Content that they publish on Gooruf;

      • (c) Gooruf LTD does not guarantee the accuracy, lawfulness, fairness and right to use the Content posted on Gooruf by the User.

      • (d) the Content express only the views of its author;

      • (e) the authors of the Content may have a specific interest related to the subjects, goods and services discussed in the Content;

      • (f) the Content may constitute an invitation to evaluate the purchase of goods or services;

      • (g) Gooruf can not be used for the conclusion of contracts with other User;

      • (h) any financial transaction carried out by interpreting the Content is carried out under the sole responsibility of the User.

    • The "Community" is aimed at ensuring a communication characterized by immediacy, regularity and extensiveness, also with a view to promoting, maintaining and developing relations between the User and the Company.

    • Gooruf LTD reserves the right, but not the obligation, to improve, alter, amend, suspend, block or delete at any time and without prior notice the Contents, regardless of a possible incompatibility with Gooruf. This right may be exercised by Gooruf LTD on its own initiative or upon notification by the User, provided that the good performance of Gooruf and the "Community" depends on the sense of responsibility of each individual User.

    • Gooruf LTD has the right to disclose the identity of the User (and in any case the available information about them) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any Content posted through Gooruf.

  • Gooruf LTD’s rights

    • Gooruf LTD has the right to amend or substitute Gooruf’s domain name with no liability towards the User.

    • Shoud the User be in breach of the provisions under the Terms of Service, Gooruf LTD will have the right to, upon its unquestionable decision and with no liability towards the User:

      a) delete User’s profile from Gooruf;

      b) deny the User further access or registration to Gooruf;

      c) start any possible actions against the User, including those aiming at recovery of damages.

    • Gooruf LTD has the right to amend, update, suspend, limit or interrupt Gooruf in any moment and with no liability towards the User.

  • no support

    • Gooruf LTD is not obliged, under the Terms of Service, to supply to the User technical support regarding Gooruf.

  • limitation of liability

    • Gooruf LTD is not responsible towards the User or any third parties for:

      a) profit, customer, use or data losses regardless their predictability;

      b) special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind (regardless if it was aware of the possible occurrence of such damages), including those (i) deriving from profit, customer, use or data losses regardless their predictability, (ii) based on possible presumptions of liability, including breach of contract or of warranty, negligence or other illicit actions, or (iii) deriving from any other complaint arising from, or in connection with, the use of Gooruf.

    • Total liability of Gooruf LTD towards the User for any possible request of damages is limited to € 1.000,00.

    • Gooruf LTD is not liable for errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, operative or transmission delays, malfunction of the communication network, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or alteration of any content concerning Gooruf.

    • Gooruf LTD is not liable for any possible technical issues or problems concerning telephone networks or lines, online elaboration systems, servers and providers, IT appliances, software, errors in emails or software that negatively affect Gooruf’s functionalities.

    • The Terms of Service do not limit nor exclude Gooruf LTD’s liabilities for willful misconduct or gross negligence.

    • Limitations and exclusions in the present Clause apply in the maximum fashion allowed under the law.

  • exclusions of warranty

    • Gooruf and its functions are offered “”AS IS”.

    • Gooruf LTD does not provide any warranties, whether explicit or implied, including implied warranties concerning non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

    • In particular, Gooruf LTD does not provide any warranties concerning (a) fitness of Gooruf to the User’s needs, (b) availability of, and absence of errors in, Gooruf and the Algorithm, (c) quality of Gooruf and of the Algorithm and (d) fix of possible errors in Gooruf and in the Algorithm.

    • Limitations and exclusions in the present Clause apply in the maximum fashion allowed under the law.

  • miscellaneous

    • Mere silence, or the absence of a prompt reaction, of Gooruf LTD in case of any breach of the Terms of Service by the User will not be construed as acceptance of the violation or as a waiver of the right to demand fulfillment of the obligation, or as a waiver of the rights and/or powers of Gooruf LTD.

    • Rights and remedies provided in the Terms of Services are not exclusive but are in addition to those available under the applicable law.

    • Should a provision of the Terms of Service be judged null or invalid by a court or another competent authority, such a provision will be considered erased from the Terms of Service and the remaining provisions will remain effective and valid.

  • applicable law and competent court

    • The Terms of Service are regulated by the law of England&Wales with the exception of the relevant provisions on international private law.

    • Any dispute concerning the interpretation, performance, termination or validity of the Terms of Service is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of London (Great Britain).

    • Should the provisions of the present Clause be inapplicable due to mandatory rules of the User’s Country of residence, then the applicable law and competent Court will be identified according to the laws of such a Country.